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Roman ''Pompey The Grat '' Lead Slingshot 1st Century BC

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Biconical lead slingshot (glans) with inscription in Latin letters ‘CN’ (Cneius) ‘MAG’ (Magnus) on one side, i.e Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus; 60 grams , 41mm. PROVENANCE:From a old Spanish collection.From the collection of an London dealer.LITERATURE:Cf. D’Amato, R. and Sumner, G., Arms and Armour of the Imperial Roman Soldier: From Marius to Commodus, 112 BC-AD 192, London, 2009, fig.32, p.45, for a similar glandes from Zaragoza Museum, the one with the name of Pompey inscribed coming from Munda battlefield.FOOTNOTES:The shot (V?lling type 1C) is marked with the abbreviated name of Gnaeus Pompey; it was used in quantity at the Battle of Monda (or Munda) against Julius Caesar, 17th March 45 BC. The projectiles were made of different materials: lead (glandes) or in pottery or stone (lapides missiles). Sometimes they were signed with the name of the general, like our specimen.