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Roman Bronze Germanic Bound Captive Mount 2nd Century AD

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Depicted as a bearded man, seated and naked , with rope binding the hands together and extending around the neck and ankles; ferrous stud to the back for attachment: 41mm, 24 grams. Very fine.From a collection acquired on the EU art market from various auction houses and collections mostly before 2000.Cf. Beutler, F. et al., Der Adler Roms. Carnuntum und der Armee der C?saren, Bad-Deutsch Altenberg, 2017, items 1006,1010.FOOTNOTES:Statuettes of barbarian prisoners of this type have been found especially along the Danube limes. Some have a vertical and others horizontal position, and were used as horse harnesses or parts of horse’s bits. Their diffusion coincides with the Marcomannic wars of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius.