Large Roman Aucissa Bow Brooch with Wolf’s Face. 1st-2nd Century AD

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A large bronze Aucissa variant type bow brooch with annulet decoration to the head, narrow half-round cross-section bow; the lower bow and foot forming a stylised wolf’s face with pellet eyes and curved muzzle; hinged pin and catch to the reverse. Cf. Van Buchem, H., De Fibulae Van Nijmegen, Nijmegen, 1941, pl.IX, figs.26-27. 34.6 grams, 97 mm (3 3/4 in.) German art market before 2000. With a European gentleman living in the UK. Property of a Surrey gentleman. The fibula belongs to the series C of the Buchem classification of variant Aucissa fibulae. According to Kovrig, these military fibulae were produced in specific centres like Siscia (Sisak) in Pannonia and distributed throughout the Empire because of the mobility of the army. Fine condition.

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