Roman Bronze Figurine of Goddess Fortuna 2nd ,3rd Century AD

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A cast bronze votive figure of a goddess, Tyche-Fortuna. The goddess here is draped in finely rendered classical attire, including a himation that is draped around her waist and rests on one elbow. One hand is extended as if she once held another implement – probably a cornucopia or some other sign of plenty. Standing on a bronze stand. Size: 85mm, 73 grams on included the stand. Not attached to the pedestal . From the collection of EU gentlemen living in UK, previously from the stock of USA dealer.

Fortuna was one of the most common deities worshipped in a domestic context, and she is often depicted, as she is here, with a sign of her wealth – the modius – in order to bring prosperity and luck. You can imagine standing before this beautiful figure on a home altar, asking the goddess to bring wealth to your family and friends.

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