Roman or Parthian Handled Green Glass Sprinkler Flask 1st-2nd Century AD

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A single-handled mould-blown glass pitcher, doubling as a sprinkler flask, the inner diaphragm at the junction of the neck and body with a small piercing to restrict the flow of liquid from the vessel; twenty individual ribs which radiate upwards from the pontil mark on the base towards the neck; flared and rolled rim, handle applied separately at the end of the process, formed from folded glass creating a scrollwork effect; one face of the pitcher shows the original rich green glass colour, while the other side has an area of milky oxidation. 188 grams, 13cm (5″). Property of a Florida, USA, gentleman; originally in an old English collection; this piece presently resides in the same collection that was loaned for ancient glass exhibitions at museums in Oregon and Florida. Scholars sometimes call this rare type a ‘squash glass’, the reason for which is apparent when viewing the piece from beneath.
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