Roman Silver Ring Inscribed with C.UL.R. 3rd Century AD

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A silver ring with ellipsoid double-concave hoop, expanding towards the conical shoulders, octagonal high bezel with circular plate inscribed with the Latin letters ‘C.UL.R’ possibly for Caius Ulpius Romanus. Cf. Ruseva-Slokoska, L., Roman Jewellery, Sofia, 1991, item 226, for type. 11.12 grams, 24.60 mm overall, 16.79 mm internal diameter (approximate size British H, USA 3 3/4, Europe 6.18, Japan 6) (1 in.) German art market before 2000. With a European gentleman living in the UK. Property of a Surrey gentleman. The ring belongs to the same category of the one found in the treasure of Chaoushevo, in the Balkans.
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